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Metaform One Premium Yoga Mat Samples and Seconds

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Bloom (Second - Tier 3)
Bloom (Second - Tier 2)
Classic - (Second - Tier 2)
Rhythms (Second - Tier 2)
Classic (Second - Tier 3)
Rhythms (Second - Tier 3)
Rhythms (Second - Tier 1)
Bloom (Second - Tier 1)
Movements (Second - Tier 1)
Movements (Second - Tier 2)
Movements (Second - Tier 3)


Metaform One is our finest yoga mat, generously sized for ultimate comfort to ground you in your practice. The high-density natural rubber lays flat beautifully, offering luxurious cushioning and a non-slip foundation.

The soft microfibre suede surface provides a superior grip to support connection and movement. Lovingly designed using sustainable materials, Metaform One honors harmonious living and being at one with yourself

This item is a second or sample, which means it features a minor blemish or aesthetic difference. By purchasing this product, you understand that there may be a visual difference in comparison to similar products that are not marked as a second or sample. Understanding this, you acknowledge that the blemish or aesthetic difference is not considered a fault, but instead why the product has been offered at a discounted rate. Please see below for specifics on imperfections.


Please note not all Seconds may have listed imperfections, but may instead have at least one, or very little at all. This Specifics section is to guide you on possible imperfections found on each mat.

Specific imperfections may include:

- Misprinted colour, causing a lighter overall colour or variation in tone (E.g purple looks blue)
- Creasing in suede cover
- White marks and spots
- Minor frayed edge
- Black line along edge of mat

With this in mind, we have divided our mats into three levels.

A tier 1mat may feature a misprinted colour only. For the 'Movements' design, the tier 1 mats may feature white marks and spots.

A tier 2 mat may feature a misprinted colour, white marks and spots

A tier 3 mat may feature a misprinted colour, white marks and spots, minor frayed edging and/or a black line along edge of mat.

Please see gallery images for examples of what these imperfections look like.


  • 183cm x 68cm x 5mm
  • Maximum comfort without compromising performance
  • Crafted from high-density, exceptionally durable eco-tree rubber that lays flat effortlessly
  • Beautifully soft with a microfibre suede surface to enable smooth transitions between poses
  • Specialised FormGrip technology delivers unparalleled surface grip, giving you enhanced traction especially during hot yoga
  • Ethically sourced, sustainably made and biodegradable, this is supreme comfort without costing the earth
  • Metaform One is free from chemical and toxic nasties (like petroleum, heavy metals, latex, silicone, phthalates, PVC, chlorine, or toxic glue)


Unlike other mats that need breaking in, your Metaform One mat lays perfectly flat and is ready to go from the moment it’s unrolled. Place the printed side up to work on the soft microfibre surface, while being securely planted on the ground by the eco-tree rubber beneath.

Simply wipe down your mat using a lightly dampened cloth and let it dry. That’s it. Read our FAQs for more instructions on caring for your mat.

Never put your mat away wet. Let it dry first then firmly roll up your Metaform One mat with the printed side facing outwards. Avoid long exposure to heat (like direct sunlight or storing it in your car on warm days) to extend the life and maintain the quality of your Metaform One mat.

Metaform yoga mats are lovingly crafted to minimise their impact on the earth. Using ecologically-conscious practices, Metaform mats are made from sustainable and ethical materials which have minimal impact on the environment during their harvesting and manufacturing. The vegan suede surface is printed with water-based inks and attached to the natural eco-tree rubber base using high-tech heat sublimation, not glue.

Our mats are biodegradable and free from chemical and toxic nasties (like petroleum, heavy metals, latex, silicone, phthalates, PVC, chlorine or toxic glue) so you can practice with peace of mind.

The Metaform One story

Metaform One was thoughtfully crafted to nurture wellbeing, embrace high quality, and promote ethical living. Over time it’s been refined and developed, becoming our finest yoga mat and the embodiment of our focus on healthy indulgence.

Metaform One was created to inspire mindful movement – a sense of being whole. Being One.

Metaform One was designed to ground your practice with dense, supportive eco-rubber providing maximum comfort wherever you are. Combining wellbeing and indulgence, Metaform One is beautifully soft, yet wonderfully firm, giving you ultimate freedom of movement. Gentle on knees and joints, you can feel confident in challenging poses.

The suede microfibre balances superior traction with the right amount of surface slide to enhance your muscle activation. Each mat is finished with our specialised FormGrip technology, providing optimal grip so you feel supported and strong in your poses as you advance your practice. Ideal for hot yoga, FormGrip increases traction the wetter it gets, making it perfect for sweaty practice where it performs exceptionally in even the hottest conditions.

We designed Metaform One for complete simplicity and ease. Just wipe down your mat with a damp cloth to clean it and leave it to dry.

A mindful design

Metaform One is a thoughtful alternative to cheap, common PVC yoga mats flooding the market. These materials aren’t just unsustainable - they’ll still be around, buried in landfill, long after any of us are here. At Metaform, we decided to make a natural, earth-friendly alternative.

After careful consideration and research, we knew hands-down that natural tree rubber was the best material for our eco-luxe mats when it comes to comfort, durability and being a renewable resource. It’s totally sustainable, ethically-sourced and free from the toxins commonly found in PVC yoga mats. This means it’s completely safe for all types of yoga (especially prenatal yoga) and for use with kids and pets. Combined with a microfibre vegan suede surface, there are absolutely no nasties here.

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    Rachel B.
    Australia Australia
    Perfect bargain!

    My recent purchase was to replace my well used and loved Metaform mat of approx 2-3 years… I purchase a ‘second’ think it would have massive issues only to find that it is perfect! Very small marks but with all the same stability, comfort and grip of my previous mat.. Love it!

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