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About Us

Metaform was created by a passionate team of yogis as a way to provide a better way to practice. Designed in Melbourne and thoughtfully crafted to inspire, our products help you create a space to nourish, energise and strengthen both your body and your mind.

Ecologically conscious, Metaform embraces quality and promotes ethical living. Our mission is to develop elegant products that support mental and physical wellness, while being better for the earth.

Metaform One was designed to ground your practice with dense, supportive eco-rubber providing maximum comfort, wherever you are. Combining wellbeing and indulgence, Metaform One is beautifully soft, yet wonderfully firm, giving you ultimate freedom of movement. Gentle on knees and joints, you can feel confident in challenging poses.

Made better

Metaform mats are made from high-density eco-friendly tree rubber and finished with wonderfully soft vegan microfibre suede to enhance your practice. 

Made for the environment

We make our mats free of toxins. No nasties, nothing harmful so you can practice in complete comfort. Our mats are made with earth-friendly, biodegradable materials, designed to give back to the earth that nourishes us.

Made for all types of yoga

Whichever type of yoga you practice, our products are made to provide enhanced traction to deliver maximum muscle activation, so you’re able to improve your practice in a way that doesn’t interfere with your flow.

Made to inspire

Each design in our range has been thoughtfully crafted to inspire - offering a space where anyone can nourish, energise and strengthen. 

Made for you

Metaform was conceived, designed and delivered by yoga lovers, for yoga lovers. All of our products are made with you in mind. We’re your partner in flow.