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Metaform Balance & Essentials Bundle

Loving Kindness
Note: This bundle includes a Metaform Balance Yoga Mat and a black yoga block. You also get a pink Metaform Yoga Mat Strap, however if you'd like a charcoal strap please request it in the order notes at checkout. You can view the colour options by clicking here.


This comprehensive bundle includes your Metaform Balance mat, a pink strap and block - everything you need to create a fulfilling yoga experience.

Metaform Balance is created for movement. Crafted from the same high-density eco-tree rubber as Metaform One, you'll enjoy 3mm of luxurious cushioning and our signature microfibre suede finish.

Metaform Balance combines exceptional grip with surface comfort, to support smooth transitions wherever your practice takes you - both on and off the mat.


  • 173cm x 61cm x 3mm
  • Lightly built from beautifully soft eco-tree rubber, you get supreme comfort without compromising performance
  • Luxurious microfibre suede provides exceptional traction while enabling easy transition between poses
  • Specialised FormGrip technology delivers unparalleled surface grip, giving you enhanced traction, especially during hot yoga
  • Ethically sourced, sustainably made and biodegradable, this is supreme comfort without costing the earth
  • Metaform Balance is free from chemical and toxic nasties (such as petroleum, heavy metals, latex, silicone, phthalates, PVC, chlorine or toxic glue)


Unlike other mats that need breaking in, your Metaform mat lays flat and is ready to go from the moment it’s unrolled. Place the printed side up to work on the soft microfibre surface, while being securely planted on the ground by the eco-tree rubber beneath.

Simply wipe down your mat using a lightly dampened cloth and let it dry. That’s it. Read our FAQs for more instructions on caring for your mat.

We recommend never putting your mat away while it's wet. Let it dry first, then firmly roll up your Metaform Balance mat with the printed side facing outwards. Avoid long exposure to heat (like direct sunlight or storing it in your car on warm days) to extend the life and maintain the quality of your Metaform Balance mat.

We make all of our mats using completely sustainable, ethically-sourced eco-tree rubber and microfibre vegan suede. Metaform yoga mats are lovingly crafted to minimise their impact on the earth. Using ecologically-conscious practices, Metaform mats are eco-luxe, made from materials which limit environmental impact during their harvesting and manufacturing. Free from chemical and toxic nasties, Metaform mats are kind to the earth while nurturing healthy indulgence.

The Metaform Balance story

With the success of Metaform One, we wanted to develop a yoga mat that balances comfort and portability. A light, bright, easy-to-carry travel companion that allows you to practice wherever you go.

Metaform Balance was inspired by movement, designed to deliver freedom and invoke curiosity, enabling us to unburden our minds and explore. We modelled it on Metaform One, engineered to a lower profile to allow for easier carry and superior flexibility.

The beauty of Metaform Balance lies in its materials. Using the same dense, supportive eco-tree rubber we sourced for Metaform One, it provides a soft, yet firm space to practice on, and anchors you to the earth wherever your practice takes you. The suede microfibre provides the same exceptional traction, designed to elevate your poses and enhance your muscle activation, to provide an unparalleled experience.

Each Metaform Balance is finished with our unique FormGrip technology, designed to enhance traction and provide you with a strong grip, even in the sweatiest hot yoga conditions.

Simple to clean, light to carry, and easy to use - Metaform Balance was created for movement.

Feel good, anywhere

When we created Metaform Balance, we wanted to develop an exceptional travel mat without compromising our values. We used the same earth-friendly materials, so each Balance mat is made from sustainable, ethically-sourced eco-tree rubber attached to a vegan suede surface and is free from any nasties or toxins commonly found in other yoga mats. So you can live in balance with nature wherever your travels take you. Move easily and travel simply, with the total freedom of Metaform Balance.

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